Physical Therapy

216 Munson Ave. Suite B

Traverse City, Michigan 49686

P: (231) 947-3144 F: (231) 947-0415

Services Offered

  • Physical Therapy evaluation

  • Education

  • Intervention, rehabilitation and prevention services for the following conditions:
    Plantar fasciitis
    Tennis elbow
    Sports injuries
    Patients with generalized weakness following recent
    hospitalization / illness
    Pre and post surgical rehabilitation
    Spine rehabilitation programs
    Amputation rehabilitation
    Stroke and neurological rehabilitation
    Balance training and fall prevention
    Arthritis pain management
    Postural education
    Lower back pain
    Neck pain

  • Preparation prior to elective surgeries will ease the transition into recovery by:
    Adjusting the home environment for safety
    Ensuring that patients are aware of new precautions that should be taken
    Teaching patients a post surgery home exercise program